Thank you Note

A thank you from the family of Kadyn Gehrels to the Estelline School and Community

January 18 changed all our lives forever. When we were all scrambling for answers and trying to remember every detail of Kadyn's days prior to him getting sick, you all were starting ways to support and love Kadyn. In some way, shape or form thousands of people came together for Kadyn and our families. Whether you have prayed, purchased T-shirts, bought a raffle ticket, if you chose to sweat for Kadyn “Sweat for Kadyn”, came to a fundraiser, paid to wear a hat, shot free throws, played bean bags, donated in a donation bucket, sent a card, bought a bracelet, sent a meal, took care of our other kids, or even just sent a simple text message with words of encouragement we want to THANK YOU! You all have been part of this. You have selflessly loved and showed up. Often times it's so much easier to see the bad than to truly look at the good. Complete strangers coming together for one purpose. God placed every single one of you in our hearts on our team and in our corner. Overwhelmed is the word that comes out of our mouths when we try to describe our gratitude we have for you all.

So truly, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It would take us a year to single-handedly list every single person that has had a part in our fight. This is a journey that unfortunately will never truly be over, but with God and all of you we will keep pushing and praying and advocating. Not sure where this roads going to lead us but it's a journey that we are so blessed to have all of you with, and are thanking God for being the leader of this team.

#10team Kadyn Gehrels, Kasey & Lacey Gehrels, Josh & Kassy Olson