Celebrate Valentines Day the Redhawk Way!

After receiving many requests, this project is now open to elementary students!

Orders are still due Wednesday, 2/8 at 1pm!

Here at the Estelline School District, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day in style! Place your order for your very special Estelline Redhawk(s) this Valentine’s Day! Students, Staff, Parents, and Grandparents are encouraged to get in on the fun. This is a class project for the Entrepreneurship students to learn about the various parts of running a business.

Order forms will go home with students during the week of January 30th and sent out on the school website. Orders will be delivered on February 14th by the EHS Redzone students.

Please turn in the order form to Mrs. Belden, in the order form box in her room by 2/8/23 at 1:00pm. Any additional order forms can be picked up from Mrs. Belden. 

Contact Mrs. Belden at the school for more information or through email: tina.belden@k12.sd.us

Fresh Carnations: $3.00

Cuties-2 cutie oranges: $1.00

Capri Sun: $1.00

Fruit Roll Ups: $1.00

Fruit Snacks-2 pouches: $1.00

Pal Package-All the items listed above: $6.00

Please return this form back to Mrs. Belden by 2/8/23 at 1:00pm. All order forms must include payment. 

Order forms can be found by clicking here.